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Friday, June 1, 2018

** Huntington CSA to start in 6 days on Thursday, June 7, 2018**

Happy Spring!

Thanks so much to everyone who was a member of Green Thumb CSA – Huntington last year in 2017! J

This is the long overdue email telling you what you got on the last day of the CSA AND gives us the grand total of how much extra stuff our farm gave us last year…plus a few more things. J Like that the CSA is starting next week and hope that you’ll be rejoining!

Sending a 2nd email with the CSA paperwork that you can either (and please let me know what you plan to do so I know where to look for it)…

  1. Drop off at the Cinema Arts Centre (contract and two checks) from now till Wednesday night so I can copy the paperwork and hand to Farmer Jesse on Thursday
  2. Bring everything with you to the CSA on Thursday

New this year…price of the Farm Fee went up $1.50 per week but everything else is the same, we WILL be having a CSA Winter Share this year from December 20th to February 13th (more on that later), and we’ll be having monthly CSA meetings and restaurant outings (see #4 below).

This week’s email…

  1. Want to pick up at the CSA next week, Thursday, June 7th? Just say YES! J
  2. Click to change the world (or at least try)
  3. What you actually got…a long time ago J
  4. Events…both near and far
  5. And now for something completely different…

CSA caveat…anything in any of our CSA emails that’s not related directly to the workings of the CSA is an opinion and/or subjective, so please feel free to take it or leave it! J

1. Want to pick up at the CSA next week, Thursday, June 7th? Just say YES!

If you want to start the CSA next week (or later),  (please call 631-421-4864) and say 3 things…

  1. YES…you want to rejoin the CSA
  2. WHEN…June 7th or some other day…and please say when
  3. FLOWERS…are you getting a Flower Share (or more than one) as there might be flowers the first week (right now the only people I know getting flowers are me and Mr. Carew)

2.Click to change the world (or at least try J )

A.Tell Senators to vote against the current Farm Bill unless harmful provisions to health and the environment are removed…

B.Tell Amazon to stop selling unlabeled GMO Apples…

C.Take a stand for clear GMO labeling…

3.What you actually got…a long time ago J

Week #28

December 7, 2017

  1. Squash, Winter*: Butternut – 1 - $2.50
  2. Arugula/Curly Cress** Mix – 1 bunch - $3.25
  3. Jerusalem Artichokes*** – 1 lb. (1 bag) - $6.25
  4. Mustard Greens**** – 1 bunch - $3.25
  5. Garlic – ¼ lb. (1 bag) - $3.75

Total Items: 5

Total Amount: $18.75

(We pay $18.50 per week for our CSA share…some weeks we get a bit more ($.25 this week) and it adds up over the course of the season. So far that total is now $32.75…so, at the end of this year, we’re only $4.25 short of having gotten TWO weeks worth of produce that our farmer gave us that we didn’t pay for…lucky us! J

Herb Share – December 1A

Sage AND Thyme


A Guide to Winter Squash: How to Choose, Store and Cook Your Gourds


Curly Cress (Upland Cress/Cresson) – use sparingly (it’s spicy) in Salads, on Sandwiches or Wraps, or make Pesto substituting Basil with Cress

Eat it! It’s good for you…

A member of our sister CSA in Cobble Hill Brooklyn got Curly Cress and Jerusalem Artichokes one week like we are this week…


Jerusalem Artichoke Soup


Mustard Greens are considered by this website to be one of the 100 most healthy foods (and he confirms my way of storing greens by putting in a plastic bag and squishing out all the air possible and then sealing…I tie it in a knot and also wrap in paper towels so they don’t get slimy, and label the bag with what it is and the date so it doesn’t go to waste by knowing when to use it and what’s in the bag)!

4.Events…both near and far

Monday, June 11th


Green Thumb CSA - Huntington Culinary Extravaganza


8285 Jericho Tpke (corner of Woodbury Rd. in the Woodbury Common shopping center)


The first gathering of the year of our CSA’s dining club (next one will be in NYC and we’ll alternate every month between local and city…keep checking out your CSA emails). Chopt uses some local foods, is friendly to various diets (vegan/paleo/gluten-free), reasonably priced, and some of the food items are organic! Every few months they have specials with a theme and the current one is Global Street Food. All CSA members and family welcome! If you’re interested in going, let me know.

Saturday, June 16th
10am to noon

CSA Monthly Meeting
Cinema Arts Centre
Sky Room Cafe
423 Park Ave

We’ll be viewing an episode of Alton Brown’s show Good Eats that’s all about Strawberries to prepare us for the following week’s visit to the farm for the Strawberry picking tour. The Sky Room Café will be open around 10:30pm to purchase snacks/drinks.

Meeting Schedule…

10 to 10:15 – gather

10:15 to 10:45 – Good Eats – Strawberries

10:45 to noon – chat about…future meetings (will alternate between weekday evenings and weekends), restaurant outings, etc.

Saturday, June 23rd

10:30am to 1:30pm (to be confirmed)
Annual CSA Strawberry Pickin’ Farm Tour (rain or shine)

Green Thumb Farm
2 Rose Hill Rd (and Montauk Hwy)
Water Mill
For more info:
631-726-1900 (call between 9:30am and 4:30pm)

Directions are basically to go past the Green Thumb Farm farm stand (if you’re headed east), make the first right and the first driveway to the right is the path to the farm tour. Park along the road and walk down the path and there should be a sign-in table right there.

We’re invited to visit our farm twice a year so this is one of them (next one not till October). It’s a one hour walking tour of a small section of the farm (it IS 100 acres) that ends with us getting set loose in the Strawberry patch to pick Strawberries! Everyone that comes is given a quart basket to fill. The event is rain or shine.

We also get a 10% discount on everything purchased at the farm stand.

It’s for CSA members and immediate family only. If you’re sharing a CSA share, the way people usually work it out is one person/family goes in June and the other takes October, as your share partner isn’t recognized as a CSA member by the farm, but they are with the CSA.

Suggestion for somewhere to eat before or after your Green Thumb Farm visit…Bay Burger in Sag Harbor (not far, and everyone I’ve sent there so far has liked it). The unheralded star of this place are the 2 veggie sides (from local farms). They may have local beef, sometimes there’s a grass fed option, TWO veggie options (Black Bean and Falafel) and the best fish sandwich…ever. These people bake their own burger buns. There’s also locally made ice cream from Joe & Liza, and craft local beer. There’s also a separate room if you have younger kids that has kid friendly tv.

4.And now for something completely different…

Pie…ummmm…gooooood…and beautiful! And one of the featured piemakers is Carissa’s out in East Hampton…maybe will have to visit after the CSA farm tour on the 23rd!