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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Huntington CSA Thursday, December 5, 2019 Week #26

Happy Autumn!

CSA weather report…chilly and windy

Someone asked me about this so guess it’s time to let y’all know that the last day of CSA our regular CSA season is Thursday, December 12th.

Important…if you call the Box Office to have a bag packed for a late CSA pickup (by 10pm), do NOT leave messages at the Box Office and expect the CSA to get them. It doesn’t always happen. You MUST speak directly to someone from the CSA. The call can easily be transferred to the Sky Room Café where someone from the CSA can take the phone call (or if the CSA is outside or in another location, they can still get a CSA member to come to the Box Office to take the call).

Also important…if you send anyone to the CSA to pick up food, please tell them to BRING BAGS!

This email includes…

  1. What you need to know
  2. Exchange Table this week!!!
  3. Jerusalem Artichokes – more info
  4. Poisonous plants we all eat!
  5. What you actually got last week
  6. Gluten-free in NYC!
  7. Recipe swap list from Mark Bittman
  8. And now, for something completely different 😊

Anything in these emails not directly related to the functioning of the CSA feel free to take or leave at your discretion, and anything related to health issues always consult with your physician(s) before taking any action.

1.What you need to know (will be either new info to first time CSA members, or reminders/old hat to returning CSA members)…

Before you leave the houseBRING BAGS to pack up your food (CSA members are responsible for packing up their own shares) – canvas/plastic/paper…bring whatever suits your fancy. The CSA does NOT provide bags for CSA members.
Time – 3:30pm to 7:30pm
IF you need to pick up later than 7:30pm, call the Cinema Arts Center Box Office between 3pm to 7:30pm at 631-423-7610 xt 0 and ask to speak to someone from the CSA. We can pack a bag for you and leave it at the Box Office but it MUST be picked up before the Box Office closes (call the Box Office to check the time…lately it’s been 9:30pm). If not, it won’t be there on Friday. And do not leave a message at the Box OfficeYOU MUST SPEAK TO SOMEONE FROM THE CSA (otherwise the CSA will not be responsible if your food doesn’t get packed and left for you).
Place РSky Room Caf̩ in the Cinema Arts Centre at 423 Park Ave, Huntington
Parking – park in the all the way around at the back of the building by the day care center (you’ll see a fenced in playground area with a sandbox)
When you arrive at the CSA
  1. Check in at the desk with our friendly CSA worker
  2. Read the Wall Chart that tells us every week what we’re getting, how much we’re getting, and what the farm charged us for it…some weeks it’s take one of everything but SOME WEEKS IT’S NOT!!! So you have to make sure you read the Wall Chart every week, and not assume anything. You can also ask your fellow CSA members that are working that day what the story is for the day (they should have name tags on).
Before you leave the CSA – Make sure you have everything on the list! If you get to talking with people, have kids with you, etc., it can be easy to be distracted and if you get home and find out you don’t have everything that was on the list, you’re out of luck because at 7:31pm the food is donated to a local food organization that’s waiting to pick it up and get on their way.

Veggie info sheets added as needed. This is the link to the: Veggie Info Sheets. Print out, put in a notebook and you end up with a cookbook at the end of the CSA season. Also there are good tips on storage, prep, and nutrition.

The list…this is a general list and you’ll be sent another email within the next week with the detailed list after I get it (which isn’t till the day of the CSA…the list is subject to change without notice because farming is like that!  J . However, most of the time it’s accurate and if it’s not…usually only one food item will be changed)…

CSA words to live by…when trying any new food that you’ve never eaten before…START SLOW!  Read up about it (make sure it doesn’t interfere with any medications you might be taking or any health conditions you might have), see what traditional/conventional ways it’s prepared (cultures that have been eating certain foods for many years basically have a good idea what they’re doing and we can learn from that), try a small portion, see how your body/digestive system reacts, and proceed from there. Then try preparing in different ways and see what you come up with, and feel free to ask for suggestion/info/recommendations!

Paraphrased wise words by a nutritionist that I read and don’t remember where I read it or who said it, BUT it’s pretty smart info regarding eating seasonally in our part of the globe…
Spring… is all about detoxing (what we get from the CSA at this time is a lot of green things that are really good to help clean us out from whatever we accumulated during the winter)
Interesting piece about spring greens (out of the 14 listed, we get 12 of them with our CSA…watercress nutritionally and botanically similar to Peppercress) and detoxing…
Summer is all about being hydrated (the popular summer foods are all full of water…Tomatoes, Lettuces, Summer Squashes, etc.)
Fall/winter is all about storing energy (we get all the dense vegetables…Sweet Potatoes, Winter Squashes, etc…. that are energy powerhouses to fuel us through the winter) to get you through the winter to make it to…Spring!

Week #26
December 5, 2019

  1. Winter Squash: Acorn* – 1
  2. Kale** – 1 bunch
  3. Mei Quing Choi*** – 1 bunch
  4. Jerusalem Artichokes – ? – check CSA Wall Chart for details
  5. Sweet Potatoes**** – ? - check CSA Wall Chart for details

Total Items: 5

*Winter Squash is one of the world’s healthiest foods (good info and recipes)!

**Kale is one of the world’s healthiest foods (good info and recipes)!

***Bok Choi (and Mei Quing Choi are in the same family…Brassica rapa…so will have similar health benefits) is one of the world’s healthiest foods (good info and recipes)!

****Sweet Potatoes are one of the world’s healthiest foods (good info and recipes)!

2.Exchange Table this week!!!

What’s this???

A CSA share is placed on the Exchange Table (will have a sign on it) and then CSA members can exchange one ENTIRE CSA food item from their CSA share for one ENTIRE food item on the Exchange Table.

Why did I put “entire” in capitals? We’ve had CSA members over the years (for example) leave ONE Tomato (out of 2 lbs.) and take ONE head of Lettuce.

Why don’t we have an Exchange Table every week? We don’t have A) enough CSA members, and B) enough CSA members working 12 hours. The CSA has been staffed at the bare minimum this year and even that has been a challenge. So, if you’d like to have a CSA Exchange Table every week (which we’ve had in the past), start recruiting members for next year (I’ll do the same 😊 ) and we’ll see what happens!

3.Jerusalem Artichokes (also called Sunchokes) – more info

Tip…if you’re not used to eating them…eat a SMALL portion for starters and see how it goes (they’re also known as Jerusalem Fartichokes 😊 )

Health benefits…

They’re a prebiotic…

What’s a prebiotic?

Health benefits and easy recipes…salad and roasted (though this guy is TOTALLY wrong in this post saying you can roast them for 4 or 5 hours…what was he thinking? 😊 the other recipes look ok)…

Health benefits and recipe…Hazelnut Goat Cheese tart

More health benefits and recipe…Venison/Beef stew recipe…

With Rosemary and Balsamic Vinegar…

How to turn the “Fartichoke” back into just an “Artichoke” 😊

Another post similar to above with a pickle recipe…

4.Poisonous plants we all eat!

And our CSA provides us with 3 out of 6 of them!

We didn’t get one of them this year but next year or the year after we’ll probably be getting it again (spoiler alert…Asparagus 😊)…

5.What you actually got last week

Week #25
November 27, 2019

  1. Winter Squash: Acorn* – 1 - $2.75
  2. Thyme** – 1 bunch - $3.50
  3. Scallions*** – 1 bunch - $4.00
  4. Radicchio: Chiogga – 1 head - $4.00
  5. Lettuce: Leaf, Green – 1 head - $3.50
  6. Rutabaga – 2 lb. bag - $4.25

Total Items: 6
Total Amount: $22.00
(We pay $20 per week for our CSA share…some weeks we get a bit more, and it adds up over the course of the season. This week it was $1, and so far it’s a grand total of $41.75 which is a tad over two CSA shares! We seem to always get at least one CSA share’s worth of food every year that we didn’t pay for…some years two, and some between one and two…it’s all good! 😊)

Herb Share – November 2B
Sage**** AND Hot Peppers: Orange OR Thai: Red*****

*Winter Squash are one of the world’s healthiest foods (good info and recipes)!

**Thyme is one of the world’s healthiest foods (good info and recipes)!

***Onions (and Scallions are in the same botanical family…Alliums) are one of the world’s healthiest foods (good info and recipes)!

****Sage is one of the world’s healthiest foods (good info and recipes)!

*****Hot Peppers are one of the world’s healthiest foods (good info and recipes)!

6.Gluten-free in NYC!

Here’s a list of places to check out if you’re looking for gluten-free options while in Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan…

There’s a Little Beet at the Roosevelt Field Mall in the food court. Have been to Tacombi and liked it. Tried Bone Broth to-go at Hearth and would go back. Have eaten at the original Dirt Candy and want to go to the new location (and Chef/owner Amanda Cohen’s new veggie burger place Lekka…don’t know if it’s gluten-free or not). Been to Toad Style, liked it and would go back (funky and skews young/hipster).

7.Recipe swap list from Mark Bittman

If you don’t have this…use THIS! 😊

Nothing like a good recipe swap list, and this one has a LOT of CSA produce options in it, and hopefully will get your brain pondering about some delicious recipe options…

8.And now, for something completely different 😊

Don’t remember American beauty pageants ever having outfits this playful or interesting (unless things have changed a lot since I last watched one)…

Events…both near and far

Tuesday, December 3rd to Wednesday, December 11th

Fatty Liver online Docu Class
To register…

My prediction is that Fatty Liver Disease is going to be the new Type 2 Diabetes for adults (and probably younger people the way things are going these days regarding obesity and what they’re eating). However, you can make your liver healthier. This series also has info on the heart/liver connection, as well as gall bladder info. Doesn’t sound very sexy but our livers are a major toxin filter of the human body…a VERY important job. So it’s worth it to keep your liver happy and healthy. 😊 And sure you know that eating organic local seasonal produce will most likely be part of the plan.

Wednesday, December 4th to Friday, December 6th

12 Annual Young Farmer’s Conference
Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture
Pocantico Hills, NY
To watch live online…

Check out the new generation of farmers, and the educators, farmers and influencers helping build environmentally conscious farmers for our future.

Thursday, December 5th

10am to 11pm

IEatGreen radio show
To listen to the show live (or listen to the archived programs)…

Hosted by Long Islander Bhavani Jharoff. Older shows can be accessed in archives.

Friday, December 6th

6pm to 7pm

Green Inside and Out

Long Islander Beth Fiteni us the host. Rotates with Healthy Planet radio with Huntington resident Bob DiBenedetto.

Saturday, December 7th and Sunday, December 8th

Noon to 4pm

Greenport Harbor Brewing Company
234 Carpenter St.
$20 to $2,500
For more info and to buy tickets…

This is a restaurant crawl featuring the best food, beer & wine in Greenport. The event is limited to 1,000 participants and sells out every year. Proceeds benefit the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk Counties Marine programs (our local waters and baymen seriously need help).

Saturday, December 7th

12pm to 1pm

Food Chain Radio

Host Michael Olsen always has interesting guests on the issues of food, food politics, health, and related topics. Check out the archives.

12pm to 5pm

Vegan Shop-up
Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan St. (Morgan Ave. & Bogart St.)
Brooklyn (Bushwick)
For more info…

Vegan food and stuff to buy. Ages 21+ only.

Sunday, December 8th

11am to 5pm

Deck the Stalls
Fulton Stall Market
Fulton St. & Water St.
For more info…

Local food…NY craft wine & beverages…tastings and workshops…holiday gifts…tours…live music


Vegan Meetup
Jandi’s Natural Market
3000 Long Beach Rd.

Tuesday, December 10th

11:30am to 2:30pm

Taco Tuesdays (ongoing)
South Fork Kitchens Cafe
East End Food Institute
39 Tuckahoe Rd.
For more info…

Authentic local Mexican food by Chef Esther priced under $10.

7pm - Volunteers/8pm – Food Distribution

Community Solidarity Food Share Distribution
Fairground Ave & E. 6th St.
Huntington Station
For more info and to sign up to be a volunteer (though you can also just stop by)…

This is the group that Green Thumb CSA – Huntington has partnered with for the last number of years to donate produce remaining at the end of the night from our CSA.

Wednesday, December 11th to Monday, December 16th

Radical Well-being with Deepak Chopra
To register…

This is a re-broadcast of a lecture series given at Hay House in Australia about mind/body health and genetics.

Wednesday, December 11th

7pm to 8:30pm

Green New Meal: the food climate connection
Brooklyn’s Central Library
Info Common Lab
10 Grand Army Plaza
For more info…

Long Island chef, radio host and food activist Bhavani Jharoff hosts this panel on food and climate change.

Friday, December 13th to Sunday, December 15th

12pm to 6pm

Deck the Stalls
Essex Market
Essex St. & Delancy St.
FREE (workshops $5 to $75)
For more info…

Local food…NY craft wine & beverages…tastings and workshops…holiday gifts…tours…live music

Saturday, December 14th

12pm to 5pm

Vegan Shop-up
Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan St. (Morgan Ave. & Bogart St.)
Brooklyn (Bushwick)
For more info…

Vegan food and stuff to buy. Ages 21+ only.

Monday, December 16th

6pm to 8:30pm

11th Annual Latke Festival
Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Parkway
$75 - Regular/$128 - VIP
For more info…
and to buy tickets…

Have gone 2x when it was at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in the early days when it was cheaper and did have a swell time! This is a benefit for The Sylvia Center (non-profit dealing with kids and cooking and farming) and put on by the folks at Great Performances Catering (tend to be green and farm-to-table). Music, booze, latkes…what’s not to like? 😊

Wednesday, December 18th

7 to 9pm

Citizens for 5G Awareness
Huntington Hilton
598 Broadhollow Rd
For more info contact Debbie:

Join a group of people that are active regarding educating the public about the health concerns around 5G wireless technology.

Wednesday, January 8th

7pm to 9pm

The Read Truth about Health Conference planning meeting
Hilton Hotel
598 Broadhollow Rd.
For more into about the conference…

Vegan food will be provided.

Saturday, January 11th

9am to 5pm

Own Your Wellness Women’s Conference
Radisson Hotel Hauppauge – Long Island
110 Vanderbilt Motor Pkwy.
FREE/$25 (includes swag bag)
For more info and to get tickets…

Connect with, get support, and learn from wellness experts about self-care, and pamper yourself with products and services from the vendors. As of 12/2/29 they’re still looking for speakers and vendors.

Friday, January 17th to Sunday, January 19th

NOFA-NY’s 38th Annual Organic Farming and Gardening Conference
For more info and to register…

Friday, January 24th to Sunday, February, 2nd

9am to 9:30pm

The Truth About Health
Hilton Long Island
598 Broadhollow Rd.
For more info and to register…
If you’re interested in being a sponsor of this event (if you have a business or service you’d like to promote)…

Vegan meals/snacks are provided. Lots of speakers on lots of topics regarding health and the environment.

Saturday, May 2nd and Sunday, May 3rd

Science of Human Optimization Conference
Hyatt Regency
1717 Motor Pkwy.
For more info and to get tickets (TBA as the event date gets closer)…

Formerly known as the NAVEL Expo, this is a great source of alternative health info/lectures.