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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

CSA alert! - Hurricane/Tropical Storm and Holiday Info


To our Jewish CSA members…Happy New Year! Rosh Hashanah starts Wednesday night at sundown so, if you need to, be sure to make whatever arrangements you may want to make regarding picking up your CSA share, or having someone pick it up for you. You also have the option of having your CSA share packed up and left at the Cinema’s Box Office to be picked up before 11pm Thursday night (make sure you get that confirmed by me otherwise it won’t happen…ex. – you send email or call before 1pm Thursday, I’m not getting it because of some storm related problem, don’t get back to you, don’t know to pack bag, doesn’t get packed, you show up and are confused there’s no bag of food with your name on it).

We’re getting a visit from Hurricane Jose starting Tuesday AM and it’s hard to tell how it may or may not effect the CSA pickup this week. They say Thursday will be beautiful!

In any case, this is general CSA info you need to know regarding emergency situations (weather or otherwise)…

  1. If you don’t get a weekly CSA email, show up at the CSA at the regular time and place…check the doors when you enter the Cinema for any notices regarding changes or info you might need

  1. I may not have internet or phone access (downed trees, electrical outages) so might not be able to contact you, and you might not be able to contact me

  1. Be aware that the CSA goes on pretty much no matter what (we had a CSA delivery during Hurricane Sandy)…farmers are made of tougher stuff than most non-farmers, and fresh local produce waits for no one

  1. If there are power outages and you’re coming after sundown, bring a flashlight

  1. You can try calling the Cinema if you have questions on Thursday, but be aware there may be power outages so there might not be phone service, land line or otherwise (it may ring and they might not pick up because they can’t see the lines blinking so you can keep trying and maybe someone will pick up…or not even though they might be there)

  1. If you don’t pick up your CSA share and don’t make arrangements, it will be donated

Hopefully, we’ll all get through this without incident!