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Monday, May 21, 2018

** Huntington CSA to start in 17 days on Thursday, June 7, 2018**

Happy Spring!

We’re running late in reaching out to you this year but our CSA is starting soon…Thursday, June 7th! Same place (Cinema Arts Centre Sky Room CafĂ©), same time (Thursdays, from 3:30pm to 7:30pm with a late pickup option at the Cinema Box Office of 10pm if pre-arranged).

The next CSA email will include the 2018 CSA info and contract but in the meanwhile, feel free to let me know (respond to this email or call the number below) if you’re interesting in signing up this year and I’ll put you on this year’s membership list. You don’t have to confirm till you get the contract, but we’ll hold a spot for you.

The gang at Green Thumb Farm out in Watermill are in the greenhouse and out in the fields working hard to do what they do best…growing delicious, healthy, local, certified organic food! Sign up now and you’ll be enjoying the fruits and vegetables of their labors in just a few weeks (I’ve got Strawberries on my mind J ). And looks like we might have a Living Foods Share available with Don’s Finest (he tabled with his Sprouts and Microgreens at the CSA for a few weeks near the end of the CSA season)…more info on that to follow too!

Here are some thoughts about CSAs to either get you inspired to rejoin, confirm thoughts you’ve already had about CSAs, give you some proverbial food for thought, or to have some well-deserved good feelings about being a CSA member! J

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture — it’s a mouthful, I know J ) is a program that allows you to pay in advance for a “share” in a farm’s harvest. The farmers have a guaranteed income, and CSA members get piles of incredibly fresh produce at an affordable price. CSA shares are also the best source for making healthy, seasonal meals — and getting, or staying, on track with healthy eating this spring, summer, fall…and this year winter (yes folks, I do believe we’ll have a winter CSA share this year…more info on that to come). Your local farmers help support a healthier lifestyle and joining a CSA could be one of your healthiest moves!

Here’s a few reasons why joining a CSA makes sense for body, soul, and spirit, and why you should run—not walk—to get on board…

  1. You get fresh, tasty, locally-grown, reasonably priced, certified organic produce.

Of course, this is the main benefit to joining a CSA.  You can feel good about improving your local economy while enjoying the freshest possible produce. Each CSA farm has its own growing practices, and in the case of Green Thumb Farm, they are USDA certified organic through NOFA – NY (the Northeast Organic Farmer’s Association…certifying farms organic LONG before the federal government got involved). Our farmers at Green Thumb Farm are happy to share their passion for farming, and grow great food for you!

  1. You Shrink Your ‘Foodprint’

Compared to buying produce at the grocery store, a CSA share at a local farm can seriously cut the environmental impact of your meals. The average bite of food we eat travels about 1500 miles to get to your plate, but the distance from Green Thumb Farm to the Cinema Arts Centre is about 120 miles roundtrip. With minimal packaging and transportation, your food gets to your table with a far smaller footprint than store-bought food. Just be sure to bring your own reusable bags and containers.

  1. You Save Money

CSAs are a win-win for farmers and consumers. The farmer has an assured income and consumers save on food purchases. If I bought the same types of organic food we get with our roughly $20 per week farm share, I’d spend almost double many weeks on less delicious food. And there’s no price EVER put on freshness (the average age of supermarket produce…organic or not…is about 6 weeks old).

Over the course of the season, we’ve often gotten at least one week’s worth of produce (sometimes two) more than what we pay for. Many weeks the totalled amount on the CSA Wall Chart is more than we paid and every little bit adds up over the course of the CSA season. Our farmer strives to give us good value for what we pay.

If you visit Green Thumb Farm as a CSA Member in June (at the Strawberry picking tour) and October (at the Pumpkin picking tour), we get a 10% discount at the farm stand!

Well, hope you got some inspiration and positive feelings about being a CSA member. You certainly should…at least 30% of Green Thumb Farm’s income is from their CSA members so YOU help this 400-year-old 12th generation Long Island family run organic farm keep on keepin’ on!

This is the first of a series of emails about the many reasons to get involved and be a CSA member. Feel free to forward and share the info!

Hope you’re well and looking forward to seeing you soon!

Organically yours…suzanne