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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thursday, August 8, 2018 Week #10

Happy Summer!

CSA weather report…HHH (hazy, hot, humid) and breezy

We’re not having a hurricane YET but please read this now…
This is hurricane season and will be followed by the possibility of snow and ice before the CSA ends for the season. So, please be aware…
  1. If you don’t get any emails on any given week, show up to the CSA at the usual time and place, and if you’re able…show up to offer to work at 3:30pm or 5:30pm in case there’s a need. The reasons for non-communication could be A) computer problems (storm or no), B) power outages, and C) the X factor (unknown at the present time but…stuff happens).
  2. Keep in mind that the farm will show up and deliver food like the post office talks about…rain, sleet, etc., so your CSA share will be at the Cinema Arts Centre waiting for you, unless there’s several feet of snow (or a serious ice storm or flooding) and no one is able to go anywhere. We’ve had food delivered during Sandy, and during snowstorms.

Parking Alert!
From now till August 23rd there will be cars lined up from 2pm to 4pm at the end of the initial driveway of the building. It’s parents picking up children from summer camp at the YMCA. If you want to avoid it, come after 4pm. OTHERWISE, if you’re trying to get to the upper parking lot around the other side of the building, be careful!

DO NOT LEAVE MESSAGES FOR THE CSA WITH THE CINEMA BOX OFFICE STAFF!!! We don’t always get the messages…at all (people forget…and it’s not their job), and the Box Office staff doesn’t always give correct info. Ask to be transferred to the Café to speak to someone at the CSA. If not, the CSA will not be responsible if your food isn’t left at the Box Office to be picked up, or for anything else you might have wanted to communicate to the CSA staff.

The list…this is a general list and you’ll be sent another email within the next week with the detailed list after I get it (which isn’t till the day of the CSA…the list is subject to change without notice because farming is like that!  J . However, most of the time it’s accurate and if it’s not…usually only one food item will be changed)…

CSA words to live by…when trying any new food that you’ve never eaten before…START SLOW!  Read up about it (make sure it doesn’t interfere with any medications you might be taking or any health conditions you might have), see what traditional/conventional ways it’s prepared (cultures that have been eating certain foods for many years basically have a good idea what they’re doing and we can learn from that), try a small portion, see how your body/digestive system reacts, and proceed from there. Then try preparing in different ways and see what you come up with, and feel free to ask for suggestion/info/recommendations!

Veggie info sheets added as needed. This is the link to the: Veggie Info Sheets. Print out, put in a notebook and you end up with a cookbook at the end of the CSA season. Also there are good tips on storage, prep, and nutrition.

Paraphrased wise words by a nutritionist that I read and don’t remember where I read it or who said it, BUT it’s pretty smart info regarding eating seasonally in our part of the globe…
Spring… is all about detoxing (what we get from the CSA at this time is a lot of green things that are really good to help clean us out from whatever we accumulated during the winter)
Interesting piece about spring greens (out of the 14 listed, we get 12 of them with our CSA…watercress nutritionally and botanically similar to Peppercress) and detoxing…
Summer is all about being hydrated (the popular summer foods are all full of water…Tomatoes, Lettuces, Summer Squashes, etc.)
Fall/winter is all about storing energy (we get all the dense vegetables…Sweet Potatoes, Winter Squashes, etc…. that are energy powerhouses to fuel us through the winter) to get you through the winter to make it to…Spring!

Week #10
August 9, 2018

  1. Dandelion Greens – 1 bunch
  2. Squash, Summer* – 2 lbs.
Summer Squash Soup with Raita
  1. Celery** – 1 bunch
  2. Beans, Snap (Green)*** – ¾ lbs.
  3. Tomatoes**** - 2 lbs.

Total Items: 5

Herb Share – August 1A
Basil AND Tarragon, French

Flower Share – Week #8
Gomphrena (everlast)

* On the list of the world’s 100 healthiest foods…

** On the list of the world’s 100 healthiest foods…

***On the list of the world’s 100 healthiest foods…

****On the list of the world’s 100 healthiest foods…

This email includes…

  1. What you need to know
  2. It’s time to weigh our CSA food!!!
  3. Click Activism – changing the world one click at a time
  4. How to set up a pro prep station in your kitchen for your veggies
  5. Drink soda (or know someone who does)? Check this out…
  6. Events…both near and far
  7. Who’d a thunk it?
  8. What you actually got last week
  9. And now for something completely different…

Anything in these emails not directly related to the functioning of the CSA feel free to take or leave at your discretion, and anything related to health issues always consult with your physicians before taking any actions.

1.What you need to know (will be either new info to first time CSA members, or reminders/old hat to returning CSA members)…

Before you leave the houseBRING BAGS to pack up your food (CSA members are responsible for packing up their own shares) – canvas/plastic/paper…bring whatever suits your fancy. The CSA does NOT provide bags for CSA members. If someone is picking up food for you, please remind them to bring bags with them.
Time – 3:30pm to 7:30pm
IF you need to pick up later than 7:30pm, call the Cinema Arts Center Box Office between 3pm to 7:30pm at 631-423-7610 xt. 0 (make sure to ask to speak to someone at the CSA) and we can pack a bag for you and leave it at the Box Office but it MUST be picked up before the Box Office closes (call the Box Office to check the time…lately it’s been somewhere between 10pm and 11pm). If not, it won’t be there on Friday.
Place – Sky Room Café in the Cinema Arts Centre at 423 Park Ave, Huntington (if otherwise, you’ll be informed)
Parking – park in the lot all the way around at the back of the building by the day care center (you’ll see a fenced in playground area with a sandbox)
When you arrive at the CSA
  1. Check in at the sign-in desk
  2. Read the Wall Chart that tells us every week what we’re getting, how much we’re getting, and what the farm charged us for it…some weeks it’s take one of everything but SOME WEEKS IT’S NOT!!! So you have to make sure you read the Wall Chart every week, and not assume anything. You can also ask your fellow CSA members that are working at the CSA that day what the story is (they should have name tags on).
Before you leave the CSA – Make sure you have everything on the list! If you get to talking with people, have kids with you, etc., it can be easy to get distracted, but if you arrive home and find out you don’t have everything that was on the list, you’re out of luck because at 7:31pm the food is donated to a local food organization that’s waiting to pick it up and get on their way.

We send a 2nd email with the list for the week and the Veggie Info Sheet attachments that you’ll get because of a) concern if I send one email with attachments it might end up in junk/spam and you might not be in the habit of looking for it there yet, and b) modern communications technology not being all it’s cracked up to be so trying to hedge success rate in getting info out to you.

2.It’s time to weigh our CSA food!

  1. Please be aware that it may take a little more time for you to collect your CSA share when weighing is part of the experience, so plan accordingly.

  1. Check the CSA Wall Chart that our farmer brings in every week before taking any food so you know what you’re taking and how much to take…assume nothing and please feel free to ask questions!

  1. Bring your reading glasses or ask someone to help if you can’t see the numbers on the scale clearly.


Please err on the under side of the weight posted…NEVER over. It may not seem like much to you, but we have 42 CSA members this week, and if every person is over by ONE OUNCE (for crying out loud! It’s only an ounce!!!) …that means we’ll be short over 2 1/2 POUNDS of produce and 1 or 2 CSA members (and one of them could be you) won’t get the food they paid for.

  1. IF you are asked to weigh more than one food item at the same time (and you probably will at some point in the CSA season)…please follow the directions given to you, and weigh in the order you are asked (you might not think there’s any good reason to be doing this but our farmer does, and that should be enough of a reason right there but if you want a further explanation – ask someone working at the CSA or contact suzanne…there is always a method to the madness J )

3.Click Activism – changing the world one click at a time

A.Forwarded by CSA member Karen Rubino…

Tell Congress to protect local rights to ban pesticides (Monsanto is lobbying Congress to get rid of that right)…

B.Tell Senators to oppose Supreme Court nomination Brett Kavanaugh as his record shows he will favor big business and polluters over public health and the environment…

4.How to set up a pro prep station in your kitchen for your veggies

5. Drink soda (or know someone who does)? Check this out…

Diet or no…it’s not such a good thing…

6.Events…both near and far

Monday, July 23rd to Sunday, August 12th

Oprah & Deepak Energy of Attraction Manifesting Your Best Life
Online meditation course
To register…

Not food related BUT if one is more relaxed, you will digest your food better! J

Thursday, August 9th

10am to 11am

iEat Green with Bhavani online radio show
Progressive Radio Network

Always interesting guests. You can also check out the archives for other shows.
Friday, August 10th to Sunday, August 12th

44th Annual NOFA Summer Conference
Hampshire College
Amherst, MA
For more info and to register (register by August 1st if you want to purchase meals in advance…it’s cheaper if you do)…

NOFA (the Northeast Organic Farmer’s Association) is the organization that’s been certifying farms organic before the USDA got involved (and will probably do so if something ever happens to the federal program). The member states are CT, MA, NH, NJ, NY, RI, and VT, so there’s a NOFA-NY chapter. They have 2 yearly conferences. The summer one includes all 7 member states and in the winter (usually January) each state has their winter conference. This one is a LOT easier to attend.

Check out the program section of the website to see if there are workshops you’d like to attend. There’s dancing and parties at night, movies to watch, a swimming hole if you know where to find it ( J ), and a good time is had by all. It’s for families, singles, seniors and college age folks. The food served is all organic and Saturday night it’s all local and organic. The foods offered can accommodate anything from vegan to paleo, and are served buffet style in the school’s cafeteria.

The two keynote speakers this year are Rowen White, founder of Sierra Seeds (located in California but she’s actually from NY and a member of the Mohawk community of Akwesasne), and Eric Holt-Gimenez, Executive Director of Food First.

There’s a children’s conference with workshops for kids aged 5 to 12, and childcare is available for 2 to 4 year olds.

 Friday, August 10th

4pm to 7pm

The Great Food Truck Derby
Hayground School
151 Mitchell Lane
$20 to $100
For more info and to get tickets:

All about the food trucks. No dogs allowed at this event, and may or may not have vegetarian or vegan options.
Saturday, August 11th

10am to noon

CSA Monthly Meeting
Cinema Arts Centre
Sky Room Cafe
423 Park Ave
For more info…

10am to 10:15 – gathering
10:15am to 10:45pm -  Good Eats (Tomatoes) – recipes seen in the DVD given to those that attend
10:45pm to noon - meeting

This month’s episode of Good Eats with Alton Brown will be all about Tomatoes (first bulk deliveries scheduled for next week) and will include . This month’s meeting topics will include the ever popular challenge of how to increase CSA membership, how to increase participation in farm tours, planning for future meetings and restaurant outings, and any other input that might come up about the CSA, the food we get, etc.

10am to 1pm

Shed the Meds
South Huntington Public Library
145 Pidgeon Hill Rd.
Huntington Station

Bring in any expired, unwanted, unused medications (and covered hypodermic needles), and keep in mind to NEVER flush them down the toilet or wash down the drain.

2pm to 5:30pm

LI Craft Classic
Heckscher State Park
1 Heckscher Parkway
East Islip
$50 to $75
For more info and to get tickets:

Local beer, cider, wine, live music, and food.

 Monday, August 13th to Sunday, August 19th

Addiction Summit
Online conference
To register…

In addition to the more obvious drugs and alcohol, this also includes food and technology addictions. Some of the speakers I know about are Dr. David Perlmutter (holistic neurologist) and Dr. Joel Fuhrman (holistic family MD creator of nutritarian diet…vegan based).

 Tuesday, August 21st


CSA Culinary Extravaganza – August - local edition
8285 Jericho Tpke (in the Woodbury Commons)
For info about Chop’t…
To RSVP (leave name and number in your party):
Respond to this email
Leave a voice message at 631-421-4864

This month’s featured eatery is Chop’t. Options from vegan to paleo and gluten-free. Why Chop’t? Organic Tofu, grass fed Beef, antibiotic-free Chicken, organic iced Green Tea, uses local produce and other foodstuffs (veg from Satur Farms out east and Hot Bread Kitchen Bread from NYC amongst many other local farms/food businesses) and reasonably priced for what you’re getting.

You can choose from their pre-selected options (I always go with those), or make up your own…and you can eat it chopped (I always go for chopped) or not…your choice. I’ve eaten many things on the menu so feel free to ask if you have any questions (but still have a bunch left to try…and they have periodic specials).

Monday, September 3rd

1pm to 4pm

Wild foods tour with Wildman Steve Brill
Sunken Meadow State Park
1 Sunken Meadow Pkwy
Kings Park
$20 – Adults/$12 – under 12 years old
To register and for more info…

Steve Brill is a rock star of food foraging. Will be on the lookout for Beach Plums, Sea Rocket and Honey Mushrooms! The tour may, or may not, be co-led by Steve’s 14 year old daughter, Violet, and whether she’s there or not, it will be kid friendly.
Saturday, September 15th

10am to 4pm

10th Annual Organic Apple Festival
Rodale Institute
Kutztown, PA
$10 parking fee per vehicle (suggested donation)
For more info:

Pick your own organic Apples, wagon tours, kid’s activities, live music, lecture, and much more!
Saturday, October 20th

Annual CSA Pumpkin Picking Farm Tour
Green Thumb Farm
Water Mill

Last time to get a behind the scenes tour of our farm and talk to our farmers (Got a garden? Got questions? These are the guys to ask J ). More info to come

Saturday, November 3rd

LI Food Conference
LIU Post
Northern Blvd.
More info as available

A project of the Long Island Food Coalition (connected to the North Shore Land Alliance).

7.Who’d a thunk it?

Interesting source for childhood food allergies…wet wipes!

8.What you actually got last week

Week #9
August 2, 2018

  1. Lettuce: Leaf, Green – 1 head - $3.25
  2. Cucumbers* – 2 lbs. - $4.50
  3. Onions** – 1 bunch - $3.75
  4. Carrots*** – 1 bunch - $4.25
  5. Tomatoes, Mini: Sungold**** - 1 pt.

Total Items: 5
Total Amount: $21.00
(We pay $20 per week for our CSA share…some weeks we get a bit more and it adds up over the course of the season. This week we got an extra $1.00. So far that total is $8.75 which doesn’t sound like much, but…just wait and see! We seem to always get at least one CSA share’s worth of food every year that we don’t pay for…some years two, and some between one and two…it’s all good! J )

*On the list of the world’s 100 healthiest foods…

**On the list of the world’s 100 healthiest foods…

***On the list of the world’s 100 healthiest foods…

****On the list of the world’s 100 healthiest foods…

Flower Share - #7

9.And now for something completely different…

A classic that I think deserves to be revisited every now and then…Hot Pockets by Jim Gaffigan…I hadn’t seen this before (and never ate one) but was originally motivated to find it by Nicole Basso (who’s at the Sky Room Cafe one Thursday a month during the latter part of the CSA chairing a discussion group on climate change), owner of the dearly departed Sip Tea Lounge, as I used to refer to her fruit hand tarts as a fruit pocket (these were soooooo good!), and the Hot Pocket jingle came into the picture with a discussion about Hot Pocket humor…still cracks me up…