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Thursday, April 25, 2013


This post includes…

1. Welcome to the CSA!
2. Veg Info Sheet attachments…
3. Click activism – GE Salmon…tomorrow is the last day for comment!
4. And now for something completely different…

1. Welcome to the CSA!

For you new folks (or you longtime CSA members as a refresher course  )…this is the drill –

A. Check in at the sign-in desk (if someone is picking up for you, or you are sharing with someone, they must know the name that’s listed as the CSA Member…you’d be surprised how many people come to get food for someone and they don’t know whose name to say!!! Seriously!  )

B. Look at the CSA Wall Chart…it lists what we’re getting from the farm that week and how much of it we’re getting (1 bag, 1 bunch, a choice, how many pounds, etc)

C. Collect your produce making sure you’re not taking too little (you missed one of the food items on the CSA Wall Chart), or too much (there was a choice and you didn’t read the CSA Wall Chart and assumed you could take one of everything on the tables…even if it was the same food item in a different color!)

D. If you have any questions about anything…ask whoever is working at the CSA (person with a name tag)

E. Head home and enjoy!

2. Veg Info Sheets attachments for this week’s CSA share

A. Collard Greens
B. Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes)
C. Kale Raab (Rabe)*
D. Leeks
E. Sorrel

*There is no Kale Raab Veg Info Sheet BUT it’s similar to Broccoli Raab so you can use that Veg Info Sheet AND it can also go under the general category of a Braising Green so you can use that one as well.

What is Kale Raab (Rabe)?

More Raab info (Kale and otherwise)…

When in doubt…raw in a Salad…

3. Click activism – GE Salmon…tomorrow is the last day for comment!

We have till April 26th to let the FDA know if we don’t want GE (genetically engineered, not somehow electrified or owned by General Electric  ) Salmon…|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=food%20and%20water%20watch&__utmv=-&__utmk=35295329

The deadline for comment has been extended to April 26th and the goal is 50,000 signatures for this Food and Water Watch petition, and they’re up to 42,224 when I last checked (I guess I’ll be 42,225  ).

Let me know if this ridiculously long website address doesn’t work.

Another petition about GE Salmon…

4. And now for something completely different…

And while we’re on the subject of fish…here’s a teaching model for learning to cut up Tuna for sushi from Japan!