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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday, Dec.8, 2016 Week #28 **LAST CSA PICKUP for 2016** See you in 2017!!

Happy Autumn!

For some reason, Verizon has decided the Events Listings are spam and I don’t have the time to parse them out and see which one is causing the problem so will send it out tonight or tomorrow. Electronic mail…grrrr!!!

Thursday, December 8th – the last CSA pickup day for 2016 L - will get 2017 info to you as soon as I get it from the farm (could be any time from now to April 2017…will keep y’all posted, and you can always contact me)

Did anyone make it out to the farm the other weekend? If you did, I’d love to hear about it.

CSA Weather report…feel like temps from mid to early 30s, cloudy and windy (ok to leave your CSA share in your car…veg are happiest at 40 but ok till above freezing)!

Keep in mind…any time you try a food you’ve never eaten before
  1. Do some reading about what it is, and find out if there are medical contraindications if you’re on medication or have health issues
  2. Eat a single serving size and give it 24 hours to see how your body reacts (some might be fine, a lot might not)
  3. When in doubt how to cook something, look to the countries that have been using it for decades/centuries, and see what they do and don’t do
  4. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask

What happens if you don’t get any CSA emails and Thursday rolls around and it’s time to go to the CSA? GO ANYWAY! There have been times over the years when various things have prevented a CSA email from being sent…computers, storms, health emergencies, etc. However, the thing to do is to come to the Cinema and in all probability, your CSA share will be there (unless there’s weather that’s so treacherous travel would be extremely ill-advised and even then, the farm will show up and drive from Water Mill to Huntington before some CSA members would drive from Huntington…to Huntington). And if not (which I doubt…there was only one snowstorm where the farm showed up on Friday instead of Thursday because no one could drive anywhere), there would be a sign on the door saying something, or you could call me (though with Hurricane Sandy, even my land line was down because of the Verizon battery it’s hooked up to….grrrrrrr…I need to get that detached so I can get phone calls during those times when the power goes out).

Parking suggestion…try parking all the way around the building in the upper parking lot where the day care center play area is. You hopefully will find a spot, and it’s a short walk down the stairs to the entrance from there, and most people don’t seem to think of parking up there. If you park illegally you can get a parking ticket, it does happen!

If you are going to show up at the CSA later than 7:30pm, but before the Box Office is closing for the night (can be different every week but probably be open till at least 10pm) and it’s the last minute and you’re running late…call the Cinema Arts Centre Box Office at 631-423-7610 xt 0 and ask them to transfer the call to the café (do NOT leave a message to be given to the CSA because there have been occasions where we didn’t get the message and someone showed up to get their food and was not happy their food wasn’t there) so we can pack a bag for you, put your name on it, and leave it at the Box Office. If you don’t get to the Cinema before the Box Office closes, your food will NOT be there the next day. The Cinema is under no obligation to store your food, and we don’t want to be the cause of bugs being attracted to our wonderful CSA food.

If you’re sharing a CSA share with someone…it’s possible they’re not on this email list (if not email me their full name and email address…or have them do it), so check with them and then forward this if they didn’t get it (and always check the junk/spam folder).

*Keep in mind that anything you read in this email (unless it’s directly related to the functioning and operation of the CSA) is subjective and like they say in the 12 step world…take what you like and leave the rest!

This week’s email includes…

1.       We could use help if you’d like to put in some hours this week at 3:30pm and 5:30pm
2.       CSA 101 – Bring Bags!!!
3.       Holiday stress…begone!
4.       The List- subject to change without notice because…farming is like that
5.       Click to help make the world a better place…
6.       What you actually got last week
                    7.  And now for something completely different…

1. We could use help if you’d like to put in some hours this week at 3:30pm and 5:30pm

Respond to this email or call 631-423-7610 before 1pm Thursday, call the CSA Thursday after 3pm at 631-423-7610 xt 0 and ask for the CSA in the Café, OR just stop by at 3:30pm or 5:30pm and ask if we still could use some help.

If you didn’t already get an email from Rene or/and suzanne talking to you about being at the CSA on the Early Shift (3:30pm to 5:30pm) or the Late Shift (5:30pm to 7:30pm) this week, you’re not on the schedule for this week.

You can always show up a little before 3:30pm or 5:30pm and offer to help out just in case someone doesn’t show up (stuff happens).

2.CSA 101…Bring Bags!

CSA basic, for this CSA anyway, is that you need to bring your own supply of bags for packing up your CSA share every week from now till December 8th!

So, my suggestion…put bags that you’re setting aside for your CSA share in EVERY vehicle you own or might ride in! J Put them in the trunk, or the glove compartment, or in a bigger bag somewhere in the car, or whatever you think will work for your situation. That way, you don’t even have to remember, they’re just there.

The CSA is under NO obligation to provide you with bags for your food.

I also recommend a selection of canvas, paper and plastic. I bag my CSA share up in my paper (Strawberries) and plastic bags (most everything else) and put it in my bigger canvas bag so when I get home, everything’s pretty much (with some exceptions…like herbs) ready to be put right into the fridge.

And if you send someone to pick up your CSA share for you, you need to tell them to…BRING BAGS!

3. Holiday stress…begone!

Courtesy of the Cleveland Clinic…

Joyful holidays: Tamp down the stress and ramp up the fun this season!

If your holiday memories recall Dickens — “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” — it’s high time you create a new game plan. While a certain amount of stress comes with the season, a few simple steps can tip the scales toward joy. Here are a few helpful tips for letting the magic of the holidays shine through:

Cover your bases. The daily habits that keep you feeling good all year, like regular exercise, sound sleep, and nourishing meals, can slip away during the holidays faster than you can whistle “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” But you need them now more than ever. Resist the urge to burn the midnight oil wrapping gifts, stick with your morning walk, and find five minutes a day to sit in a quiet space, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. That inner calm will help you manage any “outer” chaos.

Less is more. Instead of bouncing around to four holiday parties in a night, pick one (at most, two). If you’re hosting a holiday gathering, keep your menu simple and nourishing rather than elaborate — and take people up on their offers to help. Brainstorm ways to simplify gift-giving with your family and friends, such as doing a Yankee swap or going in on a group experience.

Focus on fun. There is nothing like music to transform drudgery into delight! Crank up your favorite tunes, whether Jay-Z or Tchaikovsky, and you’ll find yourself sailing through tasks with a smile. Splice in a family dance party for extra credit, extra exercise — and extra endorphins.

4.The List - subject to change without notice because…farming is like that!

December 8, 2016
Week #27

1.Carrots and Beet Mix
4.Squash, Winter: Pharsi

Total Items: 5

Herb Share – Dec 1A
Dill & Thyme

5. Click to help make the world a better place…
A. I just took action urging President Obama declare Standing Rock a national monument before Donald Trump takes office and stop the Dakota Access pipeline…
B.Tell Trump…no corporate polluters in charge of our environmental and energy policies…

6.What you actually got last week (not always what was in the email the week before because farming is like that regarding occasional last minute changes)

December 1, 2016
Week #27

1.Carrots – 1 bunch - $3.50
2.Lettuce: Crisp, Green OR Iceberg, Green – 1 head - $3.25
3.Kale: Russian, Red – 1 bunch - $3.75
4.Squash, Winter: Butternut – 2 - $4.25
5.Jerusalem Artichokes – 1 lb. bag - $4.50

Total Items: 5
Total Amount: $19.25
(Since we pay $18.50 per week for our CSA share, this week we got $.75 more than we paid…SO, that means at the moment our farmer has given us $26.00 more than we paid for up to this point. That’s a little over one week’s CSA share FREE! Over the course of the CSA year…and over the years…we have gotten at least one, and sometimes up to two, share’s worth of food that we didn’t pay for…so keep reading this and see how it plays out from week to week)

7.And now for something completely different…

The Japanese REALLY know how to make commercials…all for a bowl of instant Ramen…