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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016 Week #22

Happy Autumn!

**Anyone want to purchase an extra CSA share this week, or know anyone who’d like to buy it (maybe someone who shares a CSA share and would like some CSA food on a non-sharing week)??? One of our CSA members is away this week, and would like to sell their CSA share! Any takers, let me know before 1pm today by email or phone, or let me know at the CSA and bring $18.50 cash to the CSA today (if you want to write a check we’ll talk about it at the CSA).

Did anyone make it out to the farm last weekend? I’d like to hear about it if you did. BUT, the times they are a changin’ and we ARE having a rain date for the first time ever!
*Call now for your CSA farm tour reservation…Saturday, November 5th is SERIOUSLY the last time we’ll be able to visit our farm this year and get a behind the scenes tour (so far the weather report says it will be cool, cloudy and NO RAIN)! See Events Listings below for details.

The CSA hours are from 3:30pm to 7:30pm (and if pre-arranged a pre-packed CSA Share can be picked up at the Box Office from 7:30pm till 10pm). There seems to be some confusion about this as some folks are showing up anywhere from 2:30pm onwards, and think it ends ???

CSA Weather report…46 to 54, rain and windy (your car is still warmer than it is outside so not ideal for leaving CSA food in your car for anything other than a brief amount of time since it’s happiest at about 40 degrees)!

Keep in mind…any time you try a food you’ve never eaten before
1.       Do some reading about what it is, and find out if there are medical contraindications if you’re on medication or have health issues
2.       Eat a single serving size and give it 24 hours to see how your body reacts (some might be fine, a lot might not)
3.       When in doubt how to cook something, look to the countries that have been using it for decades/centuries, and see what they do and don’t do
4.       Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

What happens if you don’t get any CSA emails and Thursday rolls around and it’s time to go to the CSA? GO ANYWAY! There have been times over the years when various things have prevented a CSA email from being sent…computers, storms, health emergencies, etc. However, the thing to do is to come to the Cinema and in all probability, your CSA share will be there (unless there’s weather that’s so treacherous travel would be extremely ill-advised and even then, the farm will show up and drive from Water Mill to Huntington before some CSA members would drive from Huntington…to Huntington). And if not (which I doubt…there was only one snowstorm where the farm showed up on Friday instead of Thursday because no one could drive anywhere), there would be a sign on the door saying something, or you could call me (though with Hurricane Sandy, even my land line was down because of the Verizon battery it’s hooked up to….grrrrrrr…I need to get that detached so I can get phone calls during those times when the power goes out).

Parking suggestion…try parking all the way around the building in the upper parking lot where the day care center play area is. You hopefully will find a spot, and it’s a short walk down the stairs to the entrance from there, and most people don’t seem to think of parking up there. If you park illegally you can get a parking ticket, it does happen!

If you are going to show up at the CSA later than 7:30pm, but before the Box Office is closing for the night (can be different every week but probably be open till at least 10pm) and it’s the last minute and you’re running late…call the Cinema Arts Centre Box Office at 631-423-7610 xt 0 and ask them to transfer the call to the cafĂ© (do NOT leave a message to be given to the CSA because there have been occasions where we didn’t get the message and someone showed up to get their food and was not happy their food wasn’t there) so we can pack a bag for you, put your name on it, and leave it at the Box Office. If you don’t get to the Cinema before the Box Office closes, your food will NOT be there the next day. The Cinema is under no obligation to store your food, and we don’t want to be the cause of bugs being attracted to our wonderful CSA food.

If you’re sharing a CSA share with someone…it’s possible they’re not on this email list (if not email me their full name and email address…or have them do it), so check with them and then forward this if they didn’t get it (and always check the junk/spam folder).

*Keep in mind that anything you read in this email (unless it’s directly related to the functioning and operation of the CSA) is subjective and like they say in the 12 step world…take what you like and leave the rest!

This week’s email includes…

1.       The CSA doesn’t need you this week (but we will soon enough)
2.       CSA 101 – Bring Bags!!!
3.       Click and help change the world…
4.       We started weighing our produce…not rocket science but there are things to be mindful of!!!
5.       Do you have lead in your water at home? You may want to find out…
6.       The List- subject to change without notice because…farming is like that
7.       Event Listings…both near and far
8.       It’s not all bad news…
                    9.    What you actually got last week
                    10.    And now for something completely different…

1. The CSA doesn’t need you this week (but we will soon enough)

We’re talking about working at the CSA.

We have the help we need for this week. Whoo-hoo!

If you didn’t already get an email from Rene or/and suzanne talking to you about being at the CSA on the Early Shift (3:30pm to 5:30pm) or the Late Shift (5:30pm to 7:30pm) this week, you’re not on the schedule for this week.

HOWEVER, you can always show up a little before 3:30pm or 5:30pm and offer to help out just in case someone doesn’t show up (stuff happens).

2.CSA 101…Bring Bags!

CSA basic, for this CSA anyway, is that you need to bring your own supply of bags for packing up your CSA share every week from now till December 8th!

So, my suggestion…put bags that you’re setting aside for your CSA share in EVERY vehicle you own or might ride in! J Put them in the trunk, or the glove compartment, or in a bigger bag somewhere in the car, or whatever you think will work for your situation. That way, you don’t even have to remember, they’re just there.

The CSA is under NO obligation to provide you with bags for your food.

I also recommend a selection of canvas, paper and plastic. I bag my CSA share up in my paper (Strawberries) and plastic bags (most everything else) and put it in my bigger canvas bag so when I get home, everything’s pretty much (with some exceptions…like herbs) ready to be put right into the fridge.

And if you send someone to pick up your CSA share for you, you need to tell them to…BRING BAGS!

3.Click and help change the world…

A.Demand that the FDA limit the amount of sugar in food products that have health claims on the front of their packaging.
For more info and to sign the petition…

B.Petition to ban fracking on public lands (they’re now admitting fracking is the cause of increased earthquake activity in Oklahoma…and everybody deserves clean water to drink – that you can’t set on fire!)…
See flaming faucet here…

4.We started weighing our produce…not rocket science but there are things to be mindful of!!!

It’s time to weigh our food!

A.      Please be aware that it may take a little more time for you to collect your CSA share when weighing is part of the experience so plan accordingly.

B.      Check the CSA Wall Chart that our farmer brings in every week before taking any food so you know what you’re taking and how much to take…assume nothing and please feel free to ask questions! J

C.      Bring your reading glasses or ask someone to help if you can’t see the numbers on the scale clearly.


Please err on the under side of the weight posted…NEVER over. It may not seem like much to you, but we have 56 CSA members this week, and if every person is over by ONE OUNCE (for crying out loud! It’s only an ounce!!!) …that means we’ll be short over 4 1/2 POUNDS of produce and 5 CSA members (and one of them could be you) won’t get the food they paid for.

E.       IF you are asked to weigh more than one food item at the same time (and you probably will at some point in the CSA season)…please follow the directions given to you, and weigh in the order you are asked (you might not think there’s any good reason to be doing this but our farmer does, and that should be enough of a reason right there but if you want a further explanation – ask someone working at the CSA or contact suzanne…there is always a method to the madness)

5.Do you have lead in your water at home? You may want to find out…

And here are some suggestions of how to fix it and/or deal with it…

And more info about lead in drinking water, and info about our area…

6.The List - subject to change without notice because…farming is like that!

October 27, 2016
Week #22

1.Kale: Siberian, Red – 1 bunch
2.Cilantro – 1 bunch
3.Beans, Snap: Green
4.Squash, Winter
6.Broccoli Raab/Rabe/Rape (all the same veg…just different names)

Total Items: 6

Herb Share – Oct 1A (should have been last week but farmer forgot to bring the herbs so it’s showing up this week)
Sorrel AND Thyme, Lemon

Video on how to cut up various Winter Squashes and a bunch of Butternut Squash recipes!

And a nice piece from the gang at Lucky Peach magazine…

7.Event Listings…both near and far

Thursday, October 27th

10am to 11am

iEat Green online radio show with Bhavani Jaroff
888-874-4888 (to call in during the live show with questions)

And if you miss it, you can listen in the archives.

Saturday, October 29th and Sunday, October 30th

Saturday - 10am to 6pm/Sunday - 9am to 8pm (exhibit hall 10am to 6pm)

Huntington Hilton
598 Broadhollow Rd (Rt 110)
$20 (covers admission for both days) or FREE (free tickets may or may not still be available at the Vitamin Shoppe across from the Whitman Mall or at Wild by Nature)
For more info, to see a copy of the lecture schedule, and to purchase tickets:

Featured speaker Kat James and MANY lectures about holistic health and healing, and an exhibit hall with things to eat, massages, all sorts of cool stuff.

Friday, Nov 4th and Saturday, Nov 5th

2016 WFAN (Women Food & Agriculture Network) Annual Conference
Lied Lodge and Conference Center
Nebraska City,NE
$80 – Student/beginning Farmer/$100 General Public (plus food/lodging and optional events)
For more info and to register…

Keynote speaker is Karryn Olson-Ramanujum, permaculture educator and teacher at Ithaca College, NY (co-founder of the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute in NY).

Saturday, November 5th

10:30am OR 11:30am OR 12:30pm

CSA Pumpkin Picking Hay Ride Tour!
Green Thumb Farm
Water Mill
Call to reserve your seat(s) on the wagon (space is limited)…
631-726-1900 (9:30am to 4:30pm Mon to Sun)

This farm tour is for CSA members and their immediate family ONLY! If you’re sharing a CSA share with someone, only one person/family can attend (people sharing usually divide the farm tours with one going in June and the other in October) and you need to use the CSA member’s name as the farm doesn’t recognize CSA share partners.

You’ll be getting a tractor pulled hayride to see a different part of the farm then we did in June, a discussion of the fall harvest, and a visit with the farm’s critters.

Everyone attending can pick a Pumpkin to bring home. In full disclosure…the Pumpkins are not certified organic, and they are not grown at Green Thumb Farm. Why? These are Pumpkins grown for carving and not eating (though you certainly are welcome to eat the seeds and the Pumpkin if you’d like).

Saturday, November 12th

12pm to 5pm (optional health screening starts at 8am)

Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Breast Cancer Seminar
Hunterdon Central High School
84 Rt 31
Flemington, NJ
$59.95 (plus $29.95 if interested in optional non-invasive health screening)
To register and for more info…

Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s slant is vegan and calls his diet…Nutritarian. Author of the book, Eat to Live, and many others.

8.It’s not all bad news…

From the gang at the Cleveland Health Clinic…

Be a statistic! Rates of chronic illness are falling…
It’s not all doom and gloom out there, folks. Yes, far too many Americans develop chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, cancer, and dementia, but there’s good news to report: Rates of several major illnesses have been falling for decades. Deaths from heart disease, for instance, have fallen by 70 percent from their peak, and colon cancer rates have fallen by 50 percent since the 1980s. Screening tests like colonoscopies and better management of conditions like high blood pressure explain part of the positive trend, but lifestyle also makes an enormous difference. Get on the bandwagon by doubling down on these four habits that fend off chronic illness. Here’s the best part: You’ll feel fantastic in the process!

A. Eat to live. Whole foods, especially plants, nourish your body and protect your health in a way that frozen pizza, fast food, and packaged sweets never will. So base your meals and snacks around veggies and fruit, whole grains, legumes, olive oil, and nuts, along with nourishing protein (including omega-3-rich fish, such as wild salmon or sardines, a couple of times a week).

B. Use those limbs. If we were meant to live our lives on couches and in chairs, our bodies would be shaped like throw pillows. Those feet (and legs!) of yours were made for walkin’ — not to mention dancing, cycling, and hiking. And those arms were made for activities like lifting, digging, throwing, and pulling your body through the water (aka swimming). Pick an activity you really enjoy and “just do it.” Start small (five minutes!) and build up to 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity on more days of the week than not.

C. Cultivate quiet. Stress management isn’t optional or “extra” these days — it’s an essential part of maintaining good health. And better to de-stress a little every day than to wait until you’re in desperate need of a week-long retreat but too frazzled to find one. Start a regular meditation or yoga practice; on busy days, it helps to find even just a few moments of peace amid the noise in which to sit quietly, close your eyes, feel your body, and follow your breaths.

D. Connect with the people you love. Online and on our cell phones, we’re more “connected” now than ever. But human connection — feeling seen, heard, and valued — is what truly matters. Social isolation is on par with obesity as a health risk, and positive relationships are every bit as nourishing and important as real food and regular exercise. So place the people who make you feel good front and center in your life — and on your calendar!
We hope the CSA is a place for everyone to connect with some pleasant and positive fellow humans, while picking up all these tasty veg, herbs, and fruits as part of the above mentioned healthy diet/lifestyle…it especially happens when folks work at the CSA and have time to hang out! J

9.What you actually got last week (not always what was in the email the week before because farming is like that regarding occasional last minute changes)

October 20, 2016
Week #21

1.Collard Greens – 1 bunch - $3.50
2.Curly Cress – 1 bunch** - $3.00
3.Beans, Snap: Dragon Tongue OR Green OR Romano – 1 lb. bag - $4.00
4.Squash, Winter: Acorn* - 1 - $2.50
5.Turnips: White – 1 lb. - $2.50
6.Beans, Shelling: Soy OR Peppers, Sweet – ½ lb. (Soy Beans) OR 1 lb. (Peppers) - $3.00

Total Items: 6
Total Amount: $18.50
(Since we pay $18.50 per week for our CSA share, this week we got no more than we paid…SO, that means at the moment our farmer has given us $20.00 more than we paid for up to this point. That’s a little over one week’s CSA share FREE! Over the course of the CSA year…and over the years…we have gotten at least one, and sometimes up to two, share’s worth of food that we didn’t pay for…so keep reading this and see how it plays out from week to week)

Herb Share – Oct 1A (should have been last week but farmer forgot to bring the herbs so it’s showing up this week)
Cilantro AND Dill

Video on how to cut up various Winter Squashes and a bunch of Butternut Squash recipes!

Curly Cress (also known as Pepper Cress or Garden Cress)…referred to as a Salad Herb because it’s technically an Herb but used in Salads
Spicy green used in Salads (use sparingly as it is spicy), good in wraps and sandwiches and on top of soups…have never cooked with it but below in some of the posts it says you can
Good source of Vitamins A, C, K, magnesium and potassium
Did not know it was used in Ayurvedic medicine!
New Potatoes with Green Beans and Cress…must translate from British to American…
Cress Pesto (Cresto? J)…
3 Cheese and Cress Muffins…this sounds good, translate from British to American…though with baking we ideally should be using a scale and not measuring cups anyhoo…

10.And now for something completely different…

Felted food (submitted by CSA member Bettina Barbier)…

Then I found this on the same website…more of the veg we get at the CSA…

And some knitted versions of our CSA food…


Monday, October 24, 2016

** TONIGHT Monday, 10-24 @ 7:30pm A MUST SEE!!**


Cool movie about food and the environment this Monday at the Cinema Arts Centre with seed saving guru guest speakers…check out the link for the movie trailer below…

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think would be interested or post on Facebook or whatever way you have of spreading the info J

Monday, October 24th


Celebrate Food Day at the Cinema Arts Centre!
Seed: the untold story (movie with guest speakers)
Cinema Arts Centre
423 Park Ave
$10 – Members/$15 General Public
To purchase tickets and get more info…

Check out the trailer…you’ll want to be at this event!

From the creators of the wonderful CSA movie, The Read Dirt on Farmer John, this latest film features superstar environmentalist Jane Goodall, Vandana Shiva, Raj Patel, Andrew Kimbrell, Winona LaDuke and others.
Speakers include Ken Ettlinger a long time superstar seed saver on Long Island, heirloom seed saver Steph Gaylor of Invincible Summer Farm, and Cheryl Frey Richards, co-founder of Salt of the Earth Seed Company .