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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

WELCOME to Huntington CSA's 1st edition 2016 post 5-24-2015 ****SPECIAL $50 CAC MEMBER/CSA DEAL and FREE SAMPLE ORGANIC TREAT!****

Happy Spring!

At Green Thumb CSA – Huntington, we’re ready to start eating local, certified organic vegetables, herbs and fruits, and smelling our local certified organic flowers, and hope you’ll want to join us! The time to join is NOW as the CSA begins Thursday, June 2nd!!!

Apologies for the delay in getting all the info out this season. It’s been yet another year of pretty big awesome changes in your Huntington CSA’s 18 year history.

If interested in joining or visiting the CSA on a a pickup day please contact me, Suzanne at , or 631-421-4864 and  I'll email you details and the contract to join. After you’ve read everything over completely, you’ll have a great idea about how this CSA works, and the general CSA philosophy and process. 

(If you don’t see the email in your “Inbox”, check your junk/spam folder as it might end up there because of all the attachments. However, if you didn’t get it within 24 hours, please let me know (via email or a phone call (safer bet)) and we’ll figure out how to go from there.)
SPECIAL $50 CSA DEAL for members of the Cinema Arts Centre (CAC)
Only if you are a current member of the Cinema Arts Centre (OR join/renew the Cinema membership before you join the CSA! Please note there is a Spring Membership Sale going on until June 30th Click here to join or renew). During this spring sale a individual membership at CAC would be FREE for a year if you join the CAC AND the Huntington CSA! You must join the Cinema or be a member first, then join the CSA to get the $50 discount from the Huntington CSA.  This discount is provided by the Huntington CSA, NOT the Cinema Arts Centre (CAC).

Deal details:
As a perk for Cinema Art Centre membership, you will get a $50 discount on your CSA Work Deposit Fee. So, instead of it being $100, you’d pay $50 for the Work Deposit…you get this deposit back if you work your 12 hours over the season for the CSA, That means the check that you make out to “Green Thumb CSA – Huntington” would be only $75 ($25 – yearly Administrative Fee + $50 – discounted Work Deposit = $75). Please note on your check and on the contract that you are a Cinema Arts Centre (CAC) member or simply email me at and let me know so I can verify membership).

I started Green Thumb CSA - Huntington 18 years ago because I was tired of going to the health food store and purchasing some Lettuce, Bananas and Bread, and it seemed like that alone was costing me almost $20! After trying to grow my own food, visiting farm stands and farmers markets, and being a co-op member, I’ve found Green Thumb CSA - Huntington to be the best way for me to get a good selection of reasonably priced, local, certified organic produce.

If you look all this information over, you will know joining Green Thumb CSA - Huntington is something you want to do. Please contact me so I can put your name on the CSA member list. PLEASE also let me know what date you would like to start picking up your CSA share. You can jump in any week you like if a full season is not doable.

FREE SAMPLE for just visiting us!
Not convinced?? PLEASE make an appointment to tour our Green Thumb CSA - Huntington at the Cinema Arts Centre (CAC) during CSA pickup on ANY pick up date and time. At the end of your visit, you’ll be given a free sample from the CSA share for that week.

If the initial costs don’t fit into your budget at the moment, keep in mind we accept new CSA members until Labor Day. So, take a look at the CSA Price List I'll send, and see what starting date works with your finances. You can also split the share with a friend too! Half a share is still better than no share.

Any remaining questions…please get in touch!

Thanks for your interest in CSA!